Bufferlo -Pedal Project

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So what does a buffer do and how do you know if you need one?

The Bufferlo is a little circuit that doesn't colour your tone and neither boosts nor lowers the volume of your signal. It's a unity gain amplifier which takes your high-impedance signal and makes it low-impedance again.

What does this all mean?

Many people have a lot of pedals and/or long cables. The reason for high-impedance is long cables and their capacitance which degrades the high-end of your signal and makes it sound dull. Think of impedance as something impeding your signal quality. If there's high-impedance, it's impeding a lot and muffling your tone.

Now that you know what it means, how can you easily figure out if you need a buffer?

The easiest method of finding out is to play through your normal rig (if you use long cables when playing, be it live or at home, use them) and have a close listen to the tone. Listen to the high-end of the strings. Having already prepared it, plug the guitar straight into the amp with a short cable and don't change the amp settings. Do you hear a difference? If you do, you need a buffer.

Keep in mind, there are lots of buffered pedals out there that you might own already. Most, if not all, Boss pedals are buffered when bypassed. Own a Klon(e)? Those are buffered. The Marbleverb V.2 is a buffered pedal as well. 

  • Board mounted jacks for maximum reliability
  • Compact design!
  • Top mounted in and out jacks
  • 2x side mounted DC jacks
  • 9 to 18V negative center DC