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This is the Dato DUO, a synthesizer for two. A flashy sequencer paired with a gritty-sounding synth. The Dato Duo introduces music enthusiasts to subtractive synthesis and sequencing in a playful way. The machine is composed of a monophonic synthesizer with pentatonic keyboard, effects, a step sequencer and drum sounds. In short: The Duo comes equipped with everything budding producers need for starting their music career. The front panel offers not only lettering, but small graphics as well. Because of this, even kids understand the functions of the instrument’s potentiometers, faders, buttons and touch sensors instantly. Thanks to the control elements being divided into two sections, several music enthusiasts can work on tracks simultaneously. A built-in speaker allows users to be creative anywhere. Audio, Sync and MIDI ports make it possible to connect the machine to studio setups. The Duo’s sound is very charming. - 100% pure fun! The Dato DUO combines a synthesizer and sequencer into one fun electronic instrument that is aimed at children and adults alike. It doesn't matter whether you already know how to play an instrument; anyone can create their own sounds and melodies on the Dato DUO. And while most instruments are designed to be played alone, we designed the DUO to be playable by two!