LUMANOISE V4 (Blue color)

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The Lumanoise V4 from Leploop is a unique noise synthesizer that uses light sensitive sensors (light dependent resistor or LDR) to control different functions. The Lumanoise V4 has a master oscillator and four sub oscillators at different divisions of the master oscillator, and a resonant filter. The ranges of the frequency knobs can also be set with a three position switch, the pitch can be controlled by LDR. The cutoff of the filter can be controlled by knob or by LDR. There is also a knob labeled XXX which acts as sort of a cross between transpose and cross modulation. An external LDR can also be plugged into the EXT LDR IN jack for added control.


  • Master oscillator and 4 sub oscillators at divisions of the master
  • Independent volume and frequency control of each sub oscillator
  • LDR control of oscillator pitch and filter cuttof frequency
  • External LDR input
  • 12db low pass resonant filter
  • XXX transpose knob
  • 1/4 inch audio output