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In memory of one of the last true rock’n’roll icons...

Loud, distorted, slightly fuzzy but with edge and definition – the Lemmy signature sound. A modified Marshall Superbass stack at full blast. It would be presumptuous to claim you could get that exact sound from a 9-volt-powered stompbox... we tried anyway and we’re pretty happy with the results :-)
Where bass pedals often lack the aggressive edge or get muddy with chords and guitar pedals sound too thin or fuzzy... that’s where the MOTÖRBASS comes into play. Thanks to massive headroom (24 volts* internal voltage) and careful tweaking, this box delivers a raw, tight distortion sound all across the fretboard.
This is not just for Motörhead fanatics but for every bass player in search of a powerful rock sound. Now grab a pick and PLAY HARD!

*no special power supply needed, runs from 9volts power supply or battery