MQN 1 -SIMOS Synth-sequencer-Echo

155 EUR / Out of stock.

MQN 1 is the new generation of the Sismo gear.We brought back the original Qadrox sequenced noise engine with a control voltage echo. Create richness reverb levels controlled by cv input, 2 oscillator (pulse and square). MQN 1 works with an audio signal processor. This unit is a stand alone eight step sequenced synthesizer.



Sequencer cv 8 step

Pulse + square wave oscillators (mix out) (cv in)

Control voltage echo (cv in) (audio in)

Clock in (sismo gear only)*

Clock out

Current draw: 9 Volts (center positive)

Weight: 350g

Dimensions: 6cm (H) x 11,3cm (D) x 12,5 (W)

sismo mqn1 from sismo on Vimeo.