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Mushroom is an experimental echo/pitch pedal which can be controlled optically. It can produce all from freaky and bent-out-of shape sounds to soft chorus like tones. Very expressive for a creative musician!

By covering/exposing the sensor, which is in the low right corner of the pedal, you vary tone pitch and interval time between repeats. The white knob adjusts the sensor’s sensitivity and the red knob adjusts the number of repeats.

Mushroom has also a mode selector switch. You can set it in one of two modes: the Optical (just described) and the Traditional. In the Trad mode the pedal is just like a regular echo. The white knob adjusts interval time between repeats and the red sets number of repeats.

Mushroom has true bypass and it is powered with a 9V or a 12V DC adapter with standard polarity.