115 EUR / In stock.

Owly has grown up and gained some great features. We've redesigned the whole boost circuit, while retaining the original tone. Especially not the midrange!

With an internal 9 to 18V conversion, the pedal has more headroom and boost than ever before. This simple MOSFET circuit gives you a warm, fat and punchy boost tone that doesn't alter your original tone.

We also added passive EQ controls that help you tailor it to the rig you're using.

Pre-Low cut knob cuts the low end as you turn up the knob. With the knob all the way down, there's even a slight perceived bass boost. Got single coils? Use this to keep your signal fat.

Post-high cut knob cuts the high end smoothly as you turn the knob down. This is great for those who have bright guitars and wish to tame the harshness slightly.

Last thing we've added is a relay soft touch true bypass feature. 

  • Relay soft touch true bypass switching
  • Redesigned boost circuit
  • Pre-low cut and post-high cut passive EQ
  • Top mounted power jack
  • 9V DC negative center only
  • Internal 9 to 18V conversion
  • No battery support