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High quality, high sensitivity omnidirectional electret microphones. Stereo microphones made with high quality capsules for high sensitivity and immersive recordings.

These microphones are especially useful for recording ambient and delicate sounds due to their low background noise and easy connectivity to the portable recorder.
They are also very creative because the microphones can vary their angle of rotation individually, reaching 360-180-90-45-30-15.

They are microphones that need to be amplified for operation, so their stereo mini-jack output is intended for connection to recorders that have the "Plug in Power" option such as ZOOM H1N- H4N -H5- H6, etc. .....

The microphone is equipped with an oak handle with magnet for quick connection and disconnection, the use of the magnet also makes it possible to place the microphones on metal structures or tripods.

The main idea is that these mics are a light, fast, creative and quality way to experiment with the movement of stereo sound.
All microphones are supplied with a windshield and a bag.

Cable 1,5 mtrs.
Dimensions: 30 x 20 cm (Open 360 degrees)P
Weight: 250 grams 

Signal to Noise Ratio 80dB (Self Noise 14dBA)
Sensitivity -28 dB (±3dB at 1kHz, 0dB=1V/Pa)
Maximum input sound pressure level 119 dB


160,00 €Precio
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