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SOMA Laboratory Ether

SOMA's Ether is a peculiar anti-radio receiver, a handheld device built to translate all of the electromagnetic interference in the air into sound. Not necessarily musical and not necessarily an instrument, the Ether is a way of divining all of the peculiar and undetectable phenoma around us into something observable.

The Ether offers long battery life from two AAA's, and offers a built-in headphone output with dedicated volume control. This makes it easy to venture out into the world, surveying the electromagnetic landscape and uncovering the secret sounds that emanate from everyday electronics, neon signs, railway stations, and more. Perhaps one could sample these sounds, or use them in a performance—or perhaps one could simply use them as a way to direct an aimless roaming, following unheard sounds and discovering a secret layer just behind the everyday world.

Ether Features

  • An anti-radio based on early radio design
  • Translates atmospheric interference and radiation into sound
  • Runs on two AAA batteries
  • Integrated volume control
  • Output via standard 1/8" headphone jack
  • Integrated antenna
  • A small pin on the end of the unit makes it possible to use any conductive material as an extension of the antenna


155,00 €Precio
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