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Polyphonic Whale has very sensitive microphones able to pick up the faintest noise. Environmental sounds instantly mix with an organic background tune, resulting in beautiful ambient music.

Choose from various channels, each with a unique sound texture.

No sharp pixels

We designed Pocket Whale without any screen - good for you and your children's eyes - while keeping it highly interactive.

Just connect your headphones and select a channel. With a rotation sensor, light sensor and sensitive microphones, it creates musical soundscapes that change and morph as you move Glo through the air.

It is an amazing feast for your brain, very creative and almost therapeutic experience. Explore the world in a new, amazing way.

Pick a channel

Every channel is set up with a different background texture and rhythm that interact with sounds around you in a different way. Use the Channel buton to pick one you like.

The channels have been created to aid relaxation, hear the sounds of nature or the city in an amusingly new way, or help you to find your inner peace.

Interaction with this special kind of music tends to improve focus, concentration and cognitive skills in an easy way.

Go for a walk

The Whale is battery powered and small enough to be with you everywhere you go.

The experience is different to passively listening to music. You can influence the composition, sing a melody and hear it resonate with various textures, surfaces, trees and rocks. Use light sensor to scan patterns or simply play with it as with theremin.

You are instant composer, while the people, things, animals and elements around you are the performers.

Pocket Synthesizer

Glo fits into your pocket comfortably, however you will be tempted to drag it out of there very often! :)

There are eight "channels", represented by symbols. Those on the left are soundscapes inspired by one of the elements: Earth, Air, Water and Fire. Each one has a different rhythm and background texture: forest with birds, howling wind, ocean sounds or a pleasant crackling of the fireplace. A musical theatre, designed to invoke different emotions.

Those on the right are combinations of effects like reverbs, granular samplers, loopers and pitch shifters.

Smart Motion Algorithm

Whale is aware of its orientation in 3D space. To make your track even more interesting, variations are introduced, depending on roll, yaw and pitch.

Line Input

Instead of the built-in microphones, you can connect any sound source you want!

Light sensor

Normally it senses ambient light, allowing you to play melody in a theremin-like style. When you turn the whale upside down, the "eye" starts glowing, then it can see differences in darker and lighter areas on various surfaces, converting textures to sound.

Intuitive Usage

It is easy to grasp the controls and understand how different movements translate to sound effects and variations. You don't need to be a musician to play it, you will be in a full control of the soundscape in no time. However the mighty whale may have a surprise for you here and there.

Eco Design

The case is made from Ash hardwood finished with natural linseed oil. The "tail" strip is made from faux leather.

It can be powered via USB or by 3 AAA batteries, rechargeable cells work very well too, to protect the environment.


198,00 €Precio
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