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The Loopstyler is a powerful pocket synthesizer capable of running multiple sound engines and effects at once. It can handle a large amount of samples on the SD card, limited only by the card capacity. Browse and organize them easily to be used in patches, play them back with at least 32‑voices polyphony, smooth time stretching and pitch shifting.

You can play the Loopstyler in different ways: like the classic Stylophone, or in a tape loop emulation mode, or by programming it using the multitrack sequencer. Apart from the sampled sounds, it runs other sound engines, such as FM, Karplus‑Strong, granular and subtractive synthesis. The usual suite of effects can be applied per voice or globally. A single microphone and monophonic line input allow for sampling possibilities (you can import stereo samples easily via the SD card).

Designed to fit snugly in your pocket, Loopstyler is the source of endless hours of fun anywhere you go. And of course, everything you play can be recorded internally, so nothing is lost.



Program multi‑track compositions using sample based sounds and other sound engines (e.g. FM, Karplus‑Strong, subtractive) for leads, bass & drums

Record sounds from other devices or the environment and store them on micro‑SD card for use in your tracks

Define sequences, arpeggios, scales and chords using the stylus or generative algorithms

Add sound effects and modulation driven by pre-programmed rules or cues from the environment, record the results back to the SD card, use it as a MIDI controller or plug in an external MIDI keyboard


225,00 €Precio
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