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Meng Qi - Wing Pinger

Although Wing Pinger has no oscillators, it is a fully capable analog musical instrument. The sound is generated, as the name already suggests, by two pinged resonant four-pole filters. Inspired by Rob Hordijk's instruments, the filters are connected in an interesting way and allow a very expressive playing.

The filters are either pinged through the keyboards or cross feedback. By using different feedback paths and cross modulation, chaotic relationships are created which, with a little practice, can be transformed back into melodic patterns just as quickly. Since there are two filters in the core, inputs and outputs must not be missing. Instead of pinging the filters, you can also use them in a more classical way and loop two mono signals (or one stereo signal) through the Wing Pinger. Due to the internal modulation possibilities you have a very extraordinary effect device at hand. The filter parameters Cutoff and Resonance can be controlled separately via CV and both Trigger and Step outputs can be used to control modular synthesizers. Meng Qi kindly thought of all possible application scenarios and also added a Midi interface. If you haven't already come up with hundreds of ideas when reading the last few lines, which you would like to try out with Wing Pinger, we would like to recommend this beautiful piece at least as a piece of furniture.




Wing Pinge runs on 12V center positive power supply (not included in the box). 1A or more is recommended.

With CUTOFF at fully CCW, tune the FINE to C1. The keyboard and MIDI would play chromatic notes.

Function Touch Pads

(Acts when touch is released)

From left to right : OCTAVE - / OCTAVE + / MODE / KEYBOARD SELECT

Mode LED Display :

Top LED Lit : Pinging Mode. Keyboard would ping corresponding filter, control it’s pitch, and output MIDI note (polyphonic).

Bottom LED Lit : Pinged Mode. Arpeggio according to the order that notes are touched, and output MIDI note (monophonic).

Both LED Lit : Pinged Latched Mode. Same as Pinged Mode, with note latch. (touch after all finger lift, will change the arpeggio)

MIDI Modes

Touch and release both OCTAVE pads changes between MIDI Input and Output modes.

MIDI Input Mode is indicated by all LED lighting up. Wing Pinger only responds to incoming MIDI in this mode.

Try using MIDI Mode switching as a performance tool.

MIDI Panic

Touch MODE and KEYBOARD SELECT simultaneously and lift, will send All Notes Off information to MIDI Channel 1-16.

Meng Qi - Wing Pinger

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