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MisMatcher01 -Analog Video Effect

The MisMatcher01 is the brand new entry in compact analog video effects units. It contains three different analog circuits, Sync Separator, Sync Mixer and Enhancer.

Feedback and gain controls are available for the Enhancer, as well as a low pass filter for the Sync Mixer.
To mix or attenuate different video signals, three 1K ohm potentiometers are provided.

Video inputs, such as cameras or VCRs, and outputs, such as monitor,can be connected to the MisMatcher01 trough three RCA jacks.

The user interface provides users with various 3.5mm patch point, enabling them to interconnect different parts of the circuit together for a vast array of effects.

MisMatcher01 -Analog Video Effect

160,00 €Precio
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