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Critter & Guitari 201 Pocket Piano

The 201 Pocket Piano from Critter & Guitari is a cute digital sound generator with sequencer and real wooden keys. The revised version of the Pocket Piano shines with six sound engines that offer a wide range of sound textures. Chiptune sounds, classic subtratives, drum samples, Physical Modelling and even an instrument model and even a voice synthesizer are among the possibilities of the sound engines. Operation is reduced to the bare essentials and only requires three parameters plus volume. You quickly realize that the 201 Pocket Piano is a source of ideas and is completely geared towards spontaneity. The arpeggiator also contributes to this, which behaves somewhat differently with the Drum samples than when you play with a bass sound. If you like something, recording is just a button press away. There is a metronome that you can play/record along with. You can save an almost unlimited number of patterns (around a few thousand), which you can call up again using the navigation buttons. On the connection side, there are MIDI inputs and outputs, an audio output and USB. The latter serves as an alternative to battery operation as a power supply and is intended for data exchange with the computer and for integration into the DAW (MIDI only). Thanks to open source, experienced users have the opportunity to write new sounds and programs for the 201 Pocket Piano and share them with the Critter & Guitari community. The 201 uses a combination of the musical programming environments Pure Data and Faust. Users are invited to develop or modify new sound generators!


Mini Synthesizer

  • Successor to the Pocket Piano
  • 6 sound engines
  • Arpeggiator
  • MIDI looper
  • Metronome
  • Interchangeable sounds/patterns
  • Real wood keys
  • 3W speaker
  • Battery operation
  • Open Source Software
  • 900MHz ARM Cortex-A7 processor
  • 512 MB RAM
  • MIDI In & Out via TRS adapter (not included)
  • incl. 8GB MicroSD card

Critter & Guitari 201 Pocket Piano

450,00 €Precio
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