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PLASMA Voice is a synthesizer module that generates sounds through the manipulation of high-voltage electrical discharges between two electrodes on a specially designed xenon-filled gas tube.
These discharges are converted to analog audio using a specialized rectifier circuit. The result is a mesmerizing electric sound that matches the visual intensity of the blue bolt of electricity.
The electric discharges are driven by a proprietary ultrasound pulse-width oscillator.

This oscillator is modulated by predefined samples and envelope shapes (or SOUNDS for simplicity’s sake) that you can select, trigger, waveshape and modulate with sliders and CV inputs.

This puts you in the control of the electrical discharges and the resulting sounds.


Experience New Sonic Possibilities

The module features selectable SOUNDS that are organized into BANKS each dedicated to specific musical parts:


The SLIDERS allow you to modify each SOUND, often transforming it beyond the intended use defined by the BANK. We invite you to explore the sonic possibilities both wonderful and strange.

Fully Independent PLASMA Voice

PLASMA Voice is the latest addition to our PLASMA product line. Although it shares the same technology, previous products were specifically designed as distortion units. Most of the sound shaping parameters were set at optimal sweet spots to ensure stable distortion.
By utilizing the full potential of modulating the tube’s driver, we have created the first PLASMA product that doesn’t need an external sound source. It is a fully independent voice on its own.


  • Proprietary plasma tube driver and electromagnetic discharge detector
  • 49 transformable SOUNDS across 7 BANKS
  • SOUNDS are complex digital synth engines that modulate the PLASMA tube driver to achieve various sounds. The engine building blocks are tube driver pulse width and frequency modulation, sample pitch modulation, envelope time stretch, wavefold, crossmod, suboctave modulation


VOLTAGE: +/-12V DC, (10-16 pin cable included)
CURRENT: Peak 220mA @ +12V (mean 75mA), 35mA @ -12V
SIZE: 16HP (W x H: 81.3 x 128.5mm) 
MAX DEPTH: 35mm excl. knobs, 54mm incl. knobs
MASS: 190g

  • Lifetime Warranty
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


499,00 €Precio
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