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Beneath the tremors of our newly unleashed series of noise devices lies the proto-Godzilla of chorus and tape saturation: ROYGBIV - a classic yet unorthodox take on a dual pt 2399 chorus, loaded with the classic JPTR FX noise manipulations and an extremely dynamic filter.

As colourful as a full spectrum rainbow and just as variable, ROYGBIV embodies the JPTR FX philosophy of musically expressive pedals that demand your manipulation. The enclosure comes equipped with the classical depth and speed parameters, which are further complemented with noise, frequency and grind controls, allowing you complete sonic freedom between Lo-Fi tape saturation and glassy warble. Apply dubbed "Tape Quality Manipulator", ROYGBIV has a great range of texture and frequency, replicating all manner of tonal colouring of a vintage VHS machine.

ROYGBIV combines versatility and metamorphic tweakability with the simple controls of an analogue circuit. As always, this pedal shines just as well outside of its element as within, delivering the finishing touch for keys, bass and vocalists alike. And, once again, we embrace the spontaneity with the additional foot switch that kicks the speed parameter to maximum, for instant Leslie rotations.

Our take on the driving sound behind Boards of Canada, and our grateful nod to the 80s and the legendary Juno and Dimension Choruses -  fused with our itch for noise and frequency shifts. We are proud to introduce you to our VHS colour vision.


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