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SABON- Reverb-Tremolo -COMODORO

(Sabón is the name of a beatiful Galician beach surrounded by a dirty industrial estate)


The SABON is unique in its kind. It combines two types of reverb on a single pedal.

The first type is a winning mix of reverb and tremolo.

The other is a reverb with a large decay to which  you can add shimmer, generating stunning soundscapes, angelic choirs or spooky tones.

All this makes the Sabon the most versatile pedal we’ve built so far and we are very happy with the result.



Choose between the two types of REVERB with the toggle switch:


Long decay reverb.
Connect or disconnect the shimmer with the footswitch on the right.
MIST controls the amount of shimmer.
RATE adjusts the pitch of the shimmer.


Emulates the sound of spring reverb.
Add the tremolo with the right footswitch.
MIST controls the depth of the tremolo.
RATE adjusts the speed of the wave.
(A green LED flashes indicating the frequency of the tremolo).

MIX blends the clean signal with the processed by the effect (DRY / WET).
VOL adjusts the total output volume.


You can connect an EXPRESSION PEDAL with a Jack TRS cable to control the RATE knob on both effects.


Works with a 9vDC power supply.
5.5x2.1mm connector with positive ring and negative central pin, BOSS type (not included).



SABON- Reverb-Tremolo -COMODORO

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