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Trogotronic Ms657 Mini Mutant Synth

In times of fascist extremism analog ordnance must be as accessible as a monkey wrench. Audio armament should readily provide potent powers of mental mutation so jarring that its signal emissions could NEVER be mistaken for Authoritarian Anthems or implemented as Corporate Compositions. While we can’t publicly support or deny ANY association with those brave frequency fighters of the Weaponized Audio Resistance (in the land of “E Pluribus 1%” or under the thumb of other increasingly repressive regimes) the Subhumans do guarantee 657 Mini Mutant will be delivered readied for sonic sorties straight out of the box:

  • Blistering All-Analog Audio Output
  • Audio Input for Status Quo Signal Jamming
  • 5 Switch Toggle Bank = 25 Sonic Assault Modes
  • 5 Combat-Primed Variable Signal Controls
  • All-Transparent Control Knob Array
  • Compact Design Counters Totalitarian Security Measures
  • Cast Aluminum Chassis for Tough Operating Conditions

Obviously while encouraged we cannot officially condone worldwide audio insurrection. Nonetheless free radicals who command such analog ordnance are subject to No Gods & No Masters.

Safety Equipment & extreme caution should be exercised any time 657 Mini Mutant is within range of power supply & live amplifiers.

Trogotronic Ms657 Mini Mutant Synth

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