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DEMENTOR Paranormal Filter Synamodec

DEMENTOR PARANORMAL FILTER it's  a powerful analog filter with infinitive of option to modulate the sound, it's perfect to create field soundlandscape and introduce in the dark side of the sound with noise and harmonics feedback sounds.



* two independent signal inputs with level control for each
* LP filter with cut-off and resonance control
* 3 LFOs for cut-off, resonance and time modulation
* Six-band equ / filter with level control and feedback
* switchable direct filter / nuances output or processed by Eco / delay
* Eco / delay processor with input level control, effect level, control
 delay time and number of repetitions
* 28v dc power supply (included)


* Level 1 input level 1
* Level 2 input level 2
* Resonance control
* Cut-off control


* Rate for resonance modulation
* Rate for cut-off modulation
* Mod, lfo output level for resonance
* Mod, lfo output level for cut-off


* 1.2 Eq / filter bass 
* 3.4 Eq / filter media
* 5.6 Eq / filter treble 
* Level, input level to nuances and device output
* Feedback, input level to nuances taken from the output of this


* Rate lfo for time modulation of the echo / delay (paranormal)
* Mod, lfo output level for time modulation
* To Paranormal, send the output si