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DEMENTOR Paranormal Filter Synamodec

DEMENTOR PARANORMAL FILTER it's  a powerful analog filter with infinitive of option to modulate the sound, it's perfect to create field soundlandscape and introduce in the dark side of the sound with noise and harmonics feedback sounds.



* two independent signal inputs with level control for each
* LP filter with cut-off and resonance control
* 3 LFOs for cut-off, resonance and time modulation
* Six-band equ / filter with level control and feedback
* switchable direct filter / nuances output or processed by Eco / delay
* Eco / delay processor with input level control, effect level, control
 delay time and number of repetitions
* 28v dc power supply (included)


* Level 1 input level 1
* Level 2 input level 2
* Resonance control
* Cut-off control


* Rate for resonance modulation
* Rate for cut-off modulation
* Mod, lfo output level for resonance
* Mod, lfo output level for cut-off


* 1.2 Eq / filter bass 
* 3.4 Eq / filter media
* 5.6 Eq / filter treble 
* Level, input level to nuances and device output
* Feedback, input level to nuances taken from the output of this


* Rate lfo for time modulation of the echo / delay (paranormal)
* Mod, lfo output level for time modulation
* To Paranormal, send the output signal nuances to the output of the
  device or processor eco / delay (paranormal)


* Level Processor entry level
* Time, delay time control
* Echo level, effect level
* Repeat, control of number of repetitions (echo)


* out, device output
* In 1,2, inputs to device
* ON / OFF
* 28v dc power input


Set all pots to zero, cut-off at 12, Time at 12 and the To Paranormal switch
on the left, input two different signals to the inputs, for example
a square wave to In1 and white noise to In2, admits signals maximum of 10Vpp,
connect the Out output to your mixer.
Increase the input level Level1 as well as the Level level of the nuances, you can
hear the output signal, manually play with the Cut-off and Resonance pots
To appreciate the filtering of the square signal, also play with the LFO
increasing the modulation level of both cut-off and resonance,
select the rate level you like.
Now increase the level of the nuances pots one by one and reset them to zero,
In this way you will appreciate how the six pots (1,2,3,4,5,6) act on the signal,
1,2 will enhance the bass, 3,4 the mids and 5,6 the treble, then you can go with it
the six pots to obtain different shades
You can also apply the level of feedback that you like, keep in mind that if the signal
It is very enhanced with the nuances, especially the bass, increasing the feedback
to much saturated and strange signals can be obtained
Put the input level In1 to zero and increase the level In2 (white noise)
repeat all of the above to appreciate nuances and effects, with a noise signal
resonance control becomes very obvious and attractive
Now you can increase the input level In1 and you will have the mix of the white noise and the signal
square, play and experiment by playing pots, you will see that in reality In1 and In2 form a
small mixer.
Now activate the switch To paranormal, this will cause the signal to pass to the processor
Eco / delay, adjust the In level and Echo level controls to your liking, play with the
Time and Repeat pots to obtain different sounds and nuances, you can also modulate
the Time parameter with the included LFO for this, you can adjust the amplitude of the modulation
as well as its frequency


DEMENTOR Paranormal Filter Synamodec

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