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FERNWEH Multi Echo

In todays arena of delay effects, the longing for a far travelling sound and the thrill of uncharted spaces dictate the game. The FERNWEH Multi Echo Module is our answer from JPTR FX to what we consider to be the foundation of time-bending and unrestrained delay. Like its German namesake, the Fernweh is harder to abstract than to feel. Its a cardinal need to go far away, becoming closer and more intimate as it becomes less familiar.

The Fernweh operates as two stacked delays that can be controlled separately to cover your sound in a soft, atmospheric haze. This unique design allows the player to configure different time settings between the two delays, which can often result in elaborate rhythmic patterns or reverb style textures, followed by a lush trail. Should you choose to get aggressive with these settings, we have given the Fernweh a momentary switch for infinite self-oscillation, and another switch to warp between time settings, switching from time A to B repeatedly. Set the time settings further apart for a rich, textured delay warping into a drenched, glistening reverb. Turn both times up and swap back and forth between the launch into space and the shattering descent back into orbit. Throughout all of this, our delays core sound always remains soft and familiarly vintage.

While the two delay signals are always running into each other, fear not, for we have a simplistic solution for this otherwise superabundant time travelling machine: isolate your delays by just turning down one of the mixes, and voilà - a straightforward delay.

However, for those of you who find yourselves looking to further push the limits of the Fernweh, we suggest diming the mix knob. A light boost will be engaged with the mix turned all the way up, adding some extra dirt for your sonic extravaganza. Couple this with an expression in for both feedback and delay time and the Fernweh can be in your complete time-travelling control. This beautifully crafted and bizarre vintage style delay is hand built with tender love and care and prepared to weird up your sound.

This expansive delay is more than a temporal effects pedal. It is a trampoline between the unsophisticated and habitual, or the wondrous and the uncommon. It's fast response and dynamic range make it a perfect live tool for haunting sceneries and frenetic solos. The Fernweh is, without a doubt, the a delay that certainly wants to take you places.

FERNWEH Multi Echo

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