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MAGYRUS Desktop analog Synthesizer

Magyrus is an innovative and fun synth gather with 8 steps sequencer, cv + clock divider, sawtooth waveform, filter, also include our traditional tap sequencer x 2 which you can control percussion flavours sections and noise + square wave. 

Sismo conceptualise Magyrus as a semi modular with 3 audio output and cv in, external clock in and 4 clock divider out.  The machine features two distinct sides that complement each other during the performance. One side lets you play with the elliptic 8 steps sequencer and a clock divider (1/2/4/8).  The other side you can adjust filter cut off, frequencies and switch on the record and clear tap sequencer with an input clock to play polyrhythms. 

See full video on Youtube and more demos

We describe the sound of Magyrus as a raw, hash, noise filtering, cut-off, saw and square waves, low bass percussion, polyrhythms and frequencies. 


8  Eight step sequencer / tap sequencer x 2

3  audio output

CV in

Sync in - Sync out 

Clock divider (/1 /2 /4 /8)

2 square wave oscillators

1 sawtooth oscillator + filter section

MAGYRUS Desktop analog Synthesizer