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Moomindrone T - Ezhiandaka

Moomindrone T generates a nice sounding drone buzzing along with your guitar, catching some notes and making them shimmer and sparkle. It features two tapable lfo with various waveforms to modulate the pitch of the drone and/or its amplitude. The modulation can go from subtle to extreme sounding like your deck is chewing the tape.

Moomindrone T features dry/wet control with full wet capability, a dedicated warm modulated delay in addition to the drone engine, two tapable lfos capable not only of modulating the drone and delay but also of turning each other on and off as well as modulating each other.

Moomindrone T has 10 potentiometers, 2 inner potentiometers, 3 toggle switches and a tap footswitch.The pedal consists of two sound engines: resonant drone section and lofi delay section.Two tapable multiwaveform lfos modulate them.Each engine has a depth knob to control the vibrato depth from very subtle to extreme tape chewing.Lfo1 is in charge of the vibrato.Both engines have their own unique tremolo setting. Amplitude tremolo for the drone engine and aliasing/gain tremolo for the delay.

Moomindrone T - Ezhiandaka

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