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The Oniric is a Modulated Delay with the capacity to generate deep echo landscapes far from conventional, with a lo-fi touch that expands your possibilities. With the capacity of generating choral delays, vibratos, or even create radical tonal shifts that make this effect out of this world.

Inspired by modular synthesis, the low frequency oscillators (LFOs) used to modulate the effect, are not only comprised by triangle/trapezoid/square shpes, but it also adds another LFO bank capable of producing Pseudo-Random functions; what does this mean? Having asynchronous rhythms on the modulation or thought in another way, it can add a natural quality to the sound. The pseudo-random% mini knob, controls the percentage of “randomness” to the wave.

Due to this, we thought of giving the LFO its own life, with the CV Out jack, you’ll be able to connect it to other devices and control them simultaneously, synths and pedals with CV jacks. And lastly an FX Loop jack to introduce your pedal of choice to the delay’s repetitions, a world of sonic possibilities at your feet.


Mix: Controls de Delay level, to the left there is no signal, to the right you can have a gain of 5 times your wet signal.

Time:Controls the time of the delay, from 80ms to 845ms.

Fback:Controls the amount of repetitions, all the way to making the effect Oscillate.

Shape:Controls the modulation’s wave shape, it goes from triangle to trapezoid to square, and everything in between.

Pseudo-rndm%:Controls the percentage of apparent randomness on the wave shape, you can add up this percentage by turning the knob clockwise.

Rate: Controls the Frequency or speed of the modulating wave form (indicated by the left LED).

Depth: Controls the harshness of the modulation affecting the time of the Delay.

WARP:This Switch fixes the delay in 2 different modulation parameters, which will affect the Depth control’s range. When the left LED is Red, the modulation is more subtle, ranging from tape delay, vibrato delay to chorus delay, and everything in between. When the LED is Blue, the modulation is more severe, creating synthetic and pitch shifted tones, much like the first Oniric.

FX Loop:Hook your favorite effects to the Oniric’s repetitions path (Compatible with TRS cables).
CV Out: A buffered Control Voltage Output Jack (1/8”), compatible with 5V systems.


The ONIRIC(V2) uses a regulated 9volt DC power supply, positive barrel,negative tip at the center with a 2.1mm diameter.
*Current Draw:130mA

We recommend using a regulated power supply with our pedals. Using one with poor regulation, not isolated and poor filtering can result in unexpected noise or unwanted higher voltages that can take the pedal out of operation.


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