This product is a cooperation between Gamechanger Audio and Erica Synths.

High Voltage Distortion Euro Module featuring Electric Discharge in a Xenon Tube

-Unique extremely heavy, dirty distortion with its character and texture
-CV control over distortion and dry/wet mix
-Assignable pre- and post-effect equalizer
-1 octave up and 1 and 2 octaves down tracking oscillators
-See your signal expressed as Electricity…

Simplified Wet Signal Chain:
Input -> (EQ if on) -> Transformer to High Voltage -> Xenon Tube -> Antenna that picks up the electromagnetic vibrations surrounding the Tube -> (EQ if off) -> Blend with Clean -> Output

Power supply is included. Plasma Drive uses conventional eurorack PSU ribbon cable of ±12VDC, 300 mA (positive rail 200 mA, negative rail 100 mA).
The expected life of the xenon tube is 10,000 to 70,000 hours of active playing. The xenon tube is replaceable.