The core of SPICE is the Analog section with 7 different analog circuits, each one offering a different color and harmonics to your sound. 


These circuits are: 

  •  BOOST: A clean circuit. It is used when you want to use the filter without any distortion.
  •  SATURATION: A soft clip saturator. It adds a bit of harmonics to warm up your signals.
  •  HARD CLIP: A clasic circuit that distorts the signal in a stronger way. 
  •  NU-TUBE: A tube distortion from the Korg Nu-tube vacum fluorescent display.
  •  NU-TUBE X2: Both channels of the Nu-tube for a higher gain tube distortion.
  •  FUZZ: A transistor based fuzz circuit for strongly clipped effects.
  •  STOMP BOX: a filtered high gain distortion based on some popular guitar pedals.




  • Rackable (38HP eurorack) modular desktop unit.
  • 8 CV inputs with led level indicators.
  • 6 main functions: Prefilter / Digital / Analog / Mixer / Envelope Follower / Feedback
  •  Prefilter: High Pass and Low Pass filters to shape the sound before being processed. Both controlable via fader + CV input.
  •  Digital: 12 bit Bit Crusher + Sample Rate reducer. Both controlable via potentiometer and CV inputs. It also offer an analog input control with led clip indicator and a low pass filter to smooth the output signal. All the code will be Open Source 
  •  Analog: 7 analog distortion circuits selectable with a rotary encoder + a sweet resonant state variable filter. Drive and Cutoff parameters are controlable via potentiometer and CV inputs. 2 of the circuits use the new Korg NU-TUBE.
  •  Mixer: Dry and Wet controls to mixed the processed signal with the clean one of the input. Both controlable via fader + CV input.
  •  Envelope Follower: A dedicated envelope follower with gain control and normal and inverted outputs to convert an incoming signal to an envelope. With its output you can control any of the CV parameters and shape the processed sound in many creative ways.
  •  Feedback: