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The device itself is a high-quality analog generator of binaural noise carefully designed in a way to be the base for described psycho technics. It has an aluminium enclosure and a PCB assembled by through-hole technology. The soldering, assembling and tuning are made manually in Russia.

The device designed to be a kind of modern ritual object for 21st-century explorers of the inner space.

FAQ: Is it based on binaural beats?
No, during the experiments, I was trying different types of modulations and at the end discarded them all. Pure analog noise gives the deepest immersing and allows you to discover the most variety of states and receiving information, while modulations apply limitations and establish boundaries though maybe make getting the first results faster. We can say that intended modulations are a kind of conceptual thinking, while raw chaos is zazen. So QO produces pure stereo noise with a special frequency shaping and subtle structure.


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