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333modules -Eurorack Serie

333modules is a series of Eurorack modules, conceived, designed and built by Amsia. He works with passion and dedication for everything related to music, sound, noise and electronics, with Punk and D.I.Y. attitude


Specification Modules:


VCA 4Mix

Quad linear “Vintage VCA” based on the LM13700 chip, 4 mixer channels with linear vca with an auxiliary input and activity led.


Three-band mono isolator (HI-MID-LOW) with noize in the disconnection, it works autonomously as a noise filter, when sound is introduced through the in input, the noise is eliminated to make way for the incoming sound… HI-3.5Khz MID-3.5Khz to 300Hz LOW-300Hz


Module for percussive sounds and FM noise with an experimental character. VCO controlled by voltage and modulated by LFO, both with square and triangular waves, VCA with decay controlled by CV.


Dual envelope with Attack Sustain and Release with loop selector.


Stereo isolator, three bands (HI-MID-LOW) that can be completely cut (kill filter) or boosted +6dB HI-3.5Khz MID-3.5Khz to 300Hz LOW-300Hz


Multiple active inputs, sum and outputs. Possibility of multiplying one input to eight outputs or two inputs to four outputs respectively, addition stage of four inputs to one output and four inputs to one output.


Double delay effect module based on two PT2399 chips mounted in serie, noise and glichi module with 4 different feedback points and voltage controlled delay time.


Quadruple attenuator with offset.


Module with 12 Random Gate outputs divided into two sections A and B with potentiometers to adjust the number of gates... The outputs are decreasing in number of gates.


Input module with DJ influence, RCA line and phono input (RIA filter), with three modular level outputs Left, Right, Mono and level gain with volume fader.


Double LFO with square and triangular outputs with range selector for oscillations audio frequencies and two Sampler and Hold outputs with Trigger and S&H in inputs.

4x LFO

Quadruple LFO with four triangle outputs and four square output, swith with range selector for oscillations audio frequencies


4 decay envelope with cv.

333modules -Eurorack Serie

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