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Analog Sensor Calibration/Interface Module - create CV and triggers from common electronics!

SENSE can convert and amplify signal from almost any type of analog sensor into control voltage and gate signals. You can use sensors with variable resistance (light dependent resistors, body contacts, water contacts etc.) or sensors that already output voltage (pulse sensor, accelerometer, inductors, piezo etc.) amplify them and calibrate them in the way to have suitable control voltage and gate output signals.

  • Voltage or resistance input
  • Pinheader patchbay for connecting sensor
  • Resistance range switch
  • Pre-amp for voltage sensors
  • Gain knob with clipping indication
  • Voltage offset (positive or negative)
  • AC or DC coupling for amplification
  • Threshold for gates
  • CV output and inverted CV output
  • GATE output and inverted GATE output

Specifications 5HP
PTC fuse and diode protected 16pin power connector
requires 5V in the bus
50mm deep


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