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They say that in the hypnotic desert, between the hot sand and delirium, you can find a crimson eye that hides a mystery.

Carmesí is an all pass phase modulator of 4 and 8 stages, each of them gives a different vocal sensation classic for this type of phaser pedalt. In 4 stages the phase movement creates a swaying warm shift, in 8 stages the effect can get more throaty, like a voice speaking to you in a lucid dream.

The LFO can induce long phase shifts, which generate a kind of sonic mirage, all the way to out of the ordinary swirling phase.

This phaser pedal takes the classic virtues of the effect and adds a unique touch, one of the more interesting controls is Enfoque, an arrangement of low pass filters that control de mix and the amount of brightness that is fed back to the Resonancia control, from warm sub harmonic shifts to metallic rings that fill the mix with expressiveness.

Sendero mode is a unique feature, an envelope sensitive sample and hold. Depending on the attack, the control signal level changes and it gets sampled, creating modulation steps in the phase, evoking percussive sensations, responsive harmonic rhythms, or simply dynamic phase shiftings.



FASOR: Controls the level of the phaser effect.

DIRECTA: Controls the direct signal amplitude.

SENDERO: An envelope follower being processed by a sample and hold system, generating phase shifting steps as you attack your instrument.

4/8 ETAPAS: 4 stages the phase movement gives warmness and up and down phasing. 8 stages the effect can get more throaty.

RESONANCIA: This control has the capacity to increase the vocality of the phaser, the phaser’s feedback amount.

VELOCIDAD: Speed of the modulating wave/ speed of the sample and hold in sendero mode.

INTENSIDAD: Deepness of the modulating wave / sensitivity in sendero mode.

ENFOQUE: An arrangement of low pass filters that sculpts the color of the mix and the regeneration’s character of the effect (resonance tone).

EXP: TRS input for expression pedal, assigned to the Velocidad knob, and can be used to set the max and min range of the phaser pedal.



Power Supply: 9vDc (No battery option)

Min. Current Draw: 100mA

Dimensions: 127(D) x 95(W) x 55(H) (with jacks and knobs)

Weight: 350g

We recommend using a regulated de 9 volt Dc power supply with our pedals, 2.1mm diameter positive barrel and negative center. Using one with poor regulation, not isolated and poor filtering can result in unexpected noise or unwanted higher voltages that can take the pedal out of operation and even cause damage.


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