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LYRA- 8 is based on eight generators, which will be referred to as voices. Their design is not like
a traditional subtractive synthesis VCO. Instead of having a linear or logarithmic dependency
on control voltage, they resemble the tone generators in old electric organs. Hence the use
of "voices" instead of "VCOs" in this manual. Lyra uses non-linearity a lot, and the voices
are constructed in such a way that allows for non-linearity to express itself.
The voices are divided into four pairs (12, 34, 56, 78). All the pairs are divided in two groups,
with two pairs in each (1234, 5678).
Each voice has its own TUNE knob. FAST, MOD, modulation source selector and SHARP affect
two voices simultaneously. HOLD and PITCH control the whole group of two pairs/four
voices. VIBRATO, TOTAL FB and the FM structure switch control all eight voices together.
The voices can function either in an eight-voice electric organ mode, or in an FM synthesis
mode with each of the voices and its envelope acting as a separate FM operator. The voice's
impact on FM synthesis will decrease along with the decay of its envelope.
There's a CV IN