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Custom Eurorack Patch Cables by Vostok & Miguel Eedl

Nothing is more representative of a modular synth than patch cables. Over the years, they became a usual image of any Electronic Music studio or stage.

After years of using dozens of different cables, we created a set that fits our most essential features: quality, flexibility, and aesthetics.

The color palette has been designed to pair well with the most popular front-panel finishes, reducing the cable's visual impact and improving its usability.

With a thin 3mm braided cord, our cables have a smooth fall and flexibility without rigid connections, which works well with suitcase-type cases that can close patched.


  • High-quality AWG26 99,9% oxygen-free copper wire.

  • 3mm flexible nylon braided cord.

  • Custom molded 3.5mm Mono Jack connector.

  • Set of 20 patch cables.

Set Content

  • 4x 20cms cables in Copper finish.

  • 5x 30cms cables in Black finish.

  • 5x 50cms cables in Copper/Black finish.

  • 4x 80cms cables in Silver/Black finish.

  • 2x 110cms cables in Silver finish.

Custom Eurorack Patch Cables by Vostok & Miguel Eedl

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