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Benidub presents the DS71 analog synthesizer, a device that puts the powerful tones of the original Dub Siren at users’ fingertips. DS71 fuzes sophisticated analog circuitry with an advanced digital LFO to provide some seriously stellar sounds at the push of a button. The unit’s internal settings are reconfigured whenever a new sound is triggered, making it extremely adaptive in almost any context. Simply press one of the keys for immediate preset recall, or send an external trigger or audio to play the unit like a traditional synth drum module.

Analog square wave audio oscillator

Analog 12dB/oct low pass VCF with fixed resonance

Discrete transistors analog VCA

Digital LFO with instant recall of the 8 sounds parameters, divided in 2 banks.

External trigger input allows to play the siren with a variety of trigger sources, including audio and electronic drum pad

Audio output: impedance balanced 1/4” TRS Jack

Trigger input: unbalanced 1/4” TRS Jack

Dimensions: 130mm x 145mm x 60mm

Weight: 580gr



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