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OVNO Hydrophone 

How about the sound under water?
It's a nice microphone to put under liquids and experiment with the sound.
We built with a sensible condenser microphone , it's perfect to use in water or humidity situations.

We currently don't have any experience with recording whales or underwater animals.


NOTE: The Hydrophone needs Plug in power between 3-4V, you can connect to almost Portable recorder like Zoom, Tascam, sony, fostex, or you can buy the Phantom 48V to 3-5Volt adapter option.
Attention: NOT WORKS with 48V phantom directly



Usable Frequency Range    
20 Hz to 20 kHz

Resonance Frequency    
46 kHz

Receive Sensitivity    
-50 dB re 1V/µPa

Horizontal Directivity    
Omni ± 1 dB to 40 kHz

Vertical Directivity    
Omni ± 1 dB to 20 kHz / Omni ± 3 dB to 40 kHz

Max Operating Depth    
Tested to 20 m

Operating Temperature Range    
-2 deg C to +55 deg C

Storage Temperature Range    
-40 deg C to +125 deg C

Supply Voltage    
3-4 Volts DC

Current Draw    
10 mA

Mechanical Dimensions    
5cm x 1,8cm Length

EM Cable Length    
5 m (Possible with more cable)

Connection: Minijack 3,5 (is possible with Jack 6,3)


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