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ICB2S  Synth

The new Inter Continental Capacitive Ballistic Synth from Freedom Interprise, or IC2BS for short, is a portable, capacitive touch, digital synth. The keyboard is one octave and the capacitive touch elements were designed to reduce accidental key pressings and self calibrate on every startup for the best response.
The IC2BS is powered by a single 18650 Li-ion cell and can last for more than a month.
It includes all the basic controls expected to be found in a synth, as well as a built in Delay to give the sound a richer texture.
It also includes two hand crafted wood panels made out of mahogany.

  -CV and Gate Outputs and Inputs (1V/Octave)
  -Self tuning capacitive touch keyboard keys
  -Monophonic or 2 Voice Polyphony
  -Envelope Generator:
   •One per DCO
   •Attack and Release
   •Controls the DCF and DCA
  -Digital Resonant Filter
  -5 Octaves Range
  -Sine, Triangle, Sawtooth and Square Wave Selector
  -Headphones and Line Out

ICB2S Synth

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