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If you are the kind of earth dweller who loves to drench their chords in ambient infinitude, drown their fuzzes in a ceramic cave, or subtly coat your rhythmic playing in a liquid swirl of overtones, the JPTR FX KALEIDOSCOPE is the right tool for the job. 

It isn't just any ordinary big reverb. Like its namesake, the Kaleidoscope reflects your signal, be it once or more, each duplicate meshing together harmoniously while adding compression, modulation and copious amounts of feedback frenzy to your signal. 

A pedals musicality is fundamental at JPTR FX. As such, the Kaleidoscope was designed to complement and adapt to all manner of styles and inputs:  Use it with your drums, synths and vocals to further explore the cavernous and layered reflective depths within  Roll back the reverb and dime the feedback control for lush, rhythmic wobbles that twist and girate along to your sound beds Roll everything back for a saturated, sustained compression sound to elevate your seat in the mix All the while, 3 separate control stages offer you instant shifts in depth, texture and oscillation, ranging from the warm and haunting cloudscapes we have come to love, to an all-wet, crispy whisper with the help of the designated Dry Kill Switch. 

And - if the mood strikes - push and hold the momentary switch at the heart of the Kaleidoscope's enclosure to extend your drone into perpetuity. With a medley of relective possibilities at each turn of a knob, the Kaleidoscope is a breath of fresh air to the end of any pedal chain. Its only downside might be that none of it might ever sound as exciting when it's turned off.


Feedback/Oscillation/Reverb/Gain/Master/Dry Kill Switch


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