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KMA Machines - 'Cirrus  Delay & Reverb Pedal

WINTER IS COMING...Its that time of year again, so KMA Machines have redesigned their top selling Cirrus, in an appropriate ice-blue finish so you can create your stratospheric sounds in style. With crystalline arctic delays, glacial atmospheric reverbs and dynamically evolving modulation, the Cirrus ICE will keep your tone cool, whilst sliding into a sonic wilderness.

Cirrus ICE is an incredibly unique and versatile, dynamically modulated combined Delay and Reverb pedal that will continuously change your vision of time and space. Made up of a Delay side and a Reverb side, both sides of Cirrus ICE come with the most vital standard controls such as Time (up to 1.5 sec). Repeats for the Delay and Decay and Damp for the Reverb. Along with, each side having its own mix control too.

Only 200 units of the Cirrus ICE are available worldwide! This Spatial Temporal Modifier comes in this limited and as cool as ice build. If you’re after a new