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Metal Fetishist - Body Synths

The Body Synths Metal Fetishist is a percussion synthesizer that features a loopable randomness sequencer and a CV interface.

The Metal Fetishist is a beat-making platform designed for rythm discovery and percussive sound design. The unapologetically digital sound engine includes a single oscillator, a white noise source, a resonant multi-mode filter and a digital distortion section featuring downsampling and overdrive.

Random sequencing with control

Two randomness generators manage the trigger probability and the step-modulation. Pitch, cutoff or an internal mixer that blends noise (or external audio) can be controlled by it. The STEPS knob locks the randomness into repeatable sequences of 2, 4, 8, 10, 16 or 32 steps.


Audio Input available to process external sounds

The Metal Fetishist can be used as an effect. External sources can be processed through the filter, the distortion and even the sequencer. You can connect a drone instrument and make rythms with its sound.

Metal Fetishist - Body Synths

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