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Pocket Garden Listener- CLATTERS

The Pocket Garden Listener is a portable random control messages generator from biometric signals and it’s meant to be the compact and desktop version of our Garden Listener eurorack module. 

It detects conductivity variations on living beings’ surface and transforms them into MIDI notes, ranging from C-1 to C8, and CV signals (0 – 5V). Its behavior can be tamed through the one-knob menu from which you can choose and modify:

  • probes’ sensitivity (making it more or less sensitive to current variations);
  • scale (chromatic, major, minor, indian and arabic);
  • MIDI channel (1 – 16);
  • LEDs’ brightness.

USB powered.

MIDI data are simultaneously transferred:

  • via USB, to control DAW plugins and sequences;
  • via TRS, to control any other gear with a MIDI port;

Equipped with Trigger, Gate and Control Voltage to control modular and semi-modular gear.

Conductivity variations are detected by the Probes Input and converted into MIDI notes in real time according to the Main menu settings. Each MIDI note exits through the MIDI output and the USB, allowing you to take advantage of the sound of either any synthesizer equipped with a MIDI port or any VST in your DAW, and gets converted into an analog signal.

Trigger and Gate are fired every time a new note is generated (5V).

All the MIDI notes are converted into variable voltages (0 – 5V) depending on their pitch and exit through the CV output (1V/oct).

The Pocket Garden Listener comes with:

  • 3.5mm white probes;
  • a set of snap-on adhesive reusable electrode pads;
  • a MIDI-TRS type A adapter for the MIDI output (1m long);
  • a USB cable (micro type B to type A);
  • a small Torx-7 key for further calibration;

The Pocket Garden Listener comes already calibrated for a proper 1V/oct output.

If you’re looking for more probes, electrode pads replacements or a MIDI-TRS cable, check our suggestions on the Tools You Might Need page.

Dimensions: 75.9mm x 58.5mm x 27.5mm

Current draw: 36mA, 5V


  • FR4 white front panel and PCB;
  • transparent acrylic case;

Pocket Garden Listener- CLATTERS

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