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RAT BASS - Comodoro



The Comodoro RAT BASS is based on the ProCo Rat distortion, we have modified it to increase the gain in the low frequencies, designed for use in electric bass is perfect also for use with guitars.


BLEND potentiometer allows you to mix the original signal with the distorted signal.


The original signal is passed by a JFET OpAmp to buffer it, this facilitates the mixing and avoids signal losses.


Turning the blend potentiometer counterclockwise only the clean signal is heard, turning clockwise only the distorted one.

Mixing the two signals gives the sensation of using two amplifiers, one distorted (with the desired gain and tone) and another with the original signal keeping the entire body and definition of our instrument.


FILTER, just as the original is a passive low-pass filter, turning the pot clockwise to the maximum signal is not affected by the filter, as we turn left we cut the high frequencies.


DISTORTION, controls the amount of distortion.


VOLUME, controls the output volume of the distorted signal.


The toggle SWITCH allows you to choose between 3 types of clipping:

LEDs, more volume, less distortion.

4148, silicon diodes, less volume, more distortion.

NO CLIPPING, in the middle position.


Works with 9v DC power adapter with negative center.


All Comodoro pedals are hand assembled one by one.

RAT BASS - Comodoro

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