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Wingie mk2 - Meng Qi (Black)

The Meng Qi Wingie Mk2 is a handheld stereo resonator with built-in microphones and stereo line iput.

Version 2 now also offers MIDI input (via 3,5mm TRS jack), an aluminium case, and a better user interface including 3 switches, 26 buttons, 3 sliders and 2 RGB LEDs that indicates the current mode.

There is a USB-Type C jack for power and convenient data transfer. Wingie can also run on a power bank.

To make sure you always have the most up-to-date capabilities, the USB serial chip can be updated easily.


Power supply via USB (Type C)

Dimensions: 116 x 100 x 33mm including switches

Wingie mk2 - Meng Qi (Black)

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